This week, we look at how Genghis gained control in the east, before casting an eye to the west.

This week, we take a look at the early life of Temujin.

This week, we turn our attention away from the Rus to look at a new power brewing far to the east, looking at the early history of the steppe peoples ...View Details

This week, we look at Yuri and his reign over the principality of Suzdal-Vladimir, far to the north and the founding of a small fortified town on the ...View Details

This week, we'll be returning to Kiev to see how not one, but two princes would end up becoming monks.

This week, we turn our attention back to the north to look at how events in Kiev have affected the city of Novgorod, far to the north

In this week's episode I'll be doing a whistle stop tour of the major Rus cities of the mid 12th century, before then casting a view further afield by...View Details

In this week's epsiode we look at what the impact of the death of Mstislav will have for the realm of the Kievan Rus, and how that will ultimately cha...View Details

This week, we rewind a little bit to focus on Vladimir Monomakh, and his eldest son, Mstislav

This week, we continue to look at how the descendants of Yaroslav fight amongst themselves, whilst also attempting to keep the Cumans at bay.

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